Enhancing lives and protecting wildlife and habitats in northern Kenya by empowering pastoralist women through a sustainable social enterprise

  • Founded in 2005 as Northern Rangelands Trust Trading’s bead program, BeadWORKS gives women in rural northern Kenya a source of income and a reduction in reliance on habitat and wildlife destructive practices such as livestock over grazing and cutting trees to produce charcoal. This connection with wildlife makes BeadWORKS unique.
  • BeadWORKS now provides a reliable & sustainable income for over 1,300 women in 9 community conservancies in northern Kenya, indirectly benefitting over 7,800 people
  • BeadWORKS meets women where they are and makes it possible for them to retain their semi-nomadic lifestyles, bringing together women of Samburu, Turkana, Maasai, Rendille and Borana tribes, creating cultural harmony.
  • BeadWORKS’ beaded and leather products are handmade by individual artisans in their communities, not in factories. Traditional high quality glass beads are imported from the Czech Republic and colors represent artisan's surroundings and cultural heritage.
  • Each BeadWORKS’ piece is authentic and unique with a touch of the artisan’s own design.
  • Current export markets include Australia, UK, Europe and US.
  • When you empower women, you support their children’s education, medical bills and improved nutrition. You also boost local economies, promote conservation and protect wildlife.

BeadWORKS’ powerful story brings meaning to your purchase, and is a conduit for giving back

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