Display/ fundraising boxes

These flatpack cardboard boxes are great for displaying BeadWORKS products at an event. They come with information stickers on the front and inside flap. 

Box Dimensions: 2.5” H x 7.5” W x 8” L   
Order numbers: 
Elephant key chains -50 pcs: BW8001
Giraffe key chains -50 pcs: BW8002
Zebra key chains -50 pcs: BW8003
Lion key chains -50 pcs: BW8004
Rhino key chains -50 pcs: BW8005
Mixed animal key chains -30 pcs: BW8006
Round key chains (small) -50 pcs: BW8007
Oval key chains (small) -50 pcs: BW8008
Multi-way necklaces -50 pcs: BW8009
Slinky bracelets -50 pcs: BW8010
12-strand bracelets -50 pcs: BW8011
Leather bracelets -50 pcs: BW8012
Care Wear Share bracelets -50 pcs: BW8013
Mixed earrings -50 pcs: BW8014
Mixed holiday decorations -50 pcs: BW8015
Mixed animal decorations -30 pcs: BW8016