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Jackline Korosian

Jackline Korosian

Meet Jackline, the woman behind the Saina Line.

Jacqueline is a Star Beader and the second of 2 wives and has 2 girls and 2 boys, the oldest is 14 and the youngest is 6 years old.

She gets up at 5.30am and wakes the children to go to school. She cleans the house and goes to her shamba (small farm) until 12. Back home for lunch, she can then do beadwork until 3pm. When the animals come back she will milk and count them. After dinner she is able to do beadwork as she has a solar light.

Jacqueline has lots of customers for her beadwork including selling to tourist lodges. The income helps pay her school fees so she now has no stress on those; she can also buy fertilizers etc for her farm crops, and even employ people to help her with the farm work. She has 5 goats, 10 sheep and 2 cows.
She teaches her children beadwork, even the boys – they help make the necklaces.

She likes rhinos as they attract tourists, and also likes giraffes as she finds them attractive. Jacqueline isn’t a SACCO member yet but would like to be as she’d prefer to have her savings in the SACCO as livestock might die in a drought.

In future she’d like to buy another plot and build houses for renting.