• 1,300 artisans directly impacted
• 7,800 family members indirectly impacted
• 1,000 more elephants in northern Kenya since 2012
• Highly endangered Grevy’s zebra have access to better grazing
• 3,500 more children now attending school – learning not herding
• Education now resulting in smaller families thus reduced pressure on resources
• 34% reduction in charcoal making in community conservancies since 2012
• 2,500 members of community conservancies receiving regular medical care
• 10,000 USD saved in community bank as opposed to buying more livestock
• 27,000 USD contributed to artisan’s community conservancies
• Women empowerment gives them a voice in family and community decision making.



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Enhancing lives and protecting wildlife in northern Kenya by empowering women through the sale of authentic hand beaded products.