Meet 66-year-old Nampawuan Legei from Leparua Community Conservancy. She is married & is the first of two wives. She has been blessed with 8 children, 2 girls, & 6 boys. 
She has been with BeadWORKS Kenya for around 10 years. Nampawuan & the rest of her team of artisans in Leparua have been affected by the drought in northern Kenya. Their livestock goes deeper into the forest in search of pasture and water now.
They get lesser time to bead but the money they get from the sale of the products is what most of them depend on now so they have no choice but to balance. She has been able to take her children through school with the money she earns & pay for their medical expenses. 

She only beads during the day because she would strain to see at night. Her favourite items to bead are belts and bracelets. ⁠