As we join the world in celebrating this year's #WorldWildlifeDay2022 with the theme #RecoveringKeySpecies for ecosystem restoration, we want to celebrate the efforts by @BeadWORKSKenya and @nrt-kenya in their efforts to protect the environment and restore the forest cover in northern Kenya.

Earning money through handicrafts is one of the most environmentally sound sources of income that BeadWORKS has provided in
northern Kenya.

Apart from giving our beaders a reliable source of income to pay for their children's education, better nutrition for their families, medical bills and household improvements such as sanitation and solar lighting, BeadWORKS has provided an alternative source of income to women who used to cut down trees to make charcoal for sale for a living destroying the environmental and social fabric of local societies. These women can now afford a better life without destroying the forest cover and the ecosystem.

BeadWORKS contributes 5% of annual revenue directly to community conservancies which helps in promoting conservation by
building a solid solution to the challenges facing conservancies in northern Kenya. These efforts have contributed to the 5% increase in forest canopy within NRT conservancies according to the bi-annual report by @nrt-kenya in 2021 and have discouraged the degradation of forest land for charcoal production.

Happy #worldwildlifeday2022.

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